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New Year, New Standards

I'm not sure if this is a statement of intent or an aspiration. I suppose it's a bit of both.

This year, I hope to be involved in the life of Corfu once again. Since arriving on the island in 2018, I have photographed - among other things - local dancing, marching bands, religious events and panigiri. I want to continue doing this, so, if you want me to attend an event, please ask me and I will arrange to be there if I am free.

I live in Kato Garouna and I will continue to cover any local, traditional and cultural events relating to the village free of charge if asked. I am happy to do this for other villages or groups as well but I will charge a small fee to cover travel and other expenses where appropriate.

I am available for commissions at any time. This might include portrait work, engagement parties, music gigs, Christenings, hotel brochures, small parties or celebrations, advertising work, pet portraits or house sales. This is just a guide of what I can do. Please contact me for further details on any photographic work you may want and I will see what I can do.

Prices for commissions, such as a portrait shoot or attending a celebration will be in the range of €50 for the first hour and €30 for each extra hour. This includes my travel on the island and the supply of high quality images on a memory stick. (I do not do my own printing at the moment) I will also include reduced size images for use on social media, if required.

That's all for now. You will see me around the island in the coming year. Please stop me for a chat if you like. I speak English, of course, plus un petit peu de Francaise and even a little bit of Greek!

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