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I am an Englishman living in Corfu, Greece. I have been a professional photographer for about 10 years, gradually converting myself from a keen amateur. I started as a child, using my father's film cameras before investing in my own Minolta kit in my late 20's. The big change happened when digital cameras were introduced and, at the same time, l stopped working in an office and went to work on the Greek island of Ikaria. Briefly, l used a Nikon DSLR but, as soon as Sony introduced their first model, the Alpha 100, l made the switch. This was an obvious move for me as Minolta had been absorbed into the Sony empire and all those years of experience and innovation were now going into the Alpha cameras.

Now, l use Sony full-frame A7 series cameras along with Fujifilm X series. I find both systems have a place with Fujifilm more suited to street photography and Sony better for low-light festivals and music gigs. As for lenses, l use mostly primes. Fujifilm lenses cannot be beaten for the Fuji system and l rely on Zeiss for Sony work. In addition, l have a few M42 fit lenses from the film days which give a unique quality when adapted to the digital bodies.

My work, as shown on the website, is varied. My most frequent work is covering Greek festivals (Panigiri) or music gigs but l will often be found getting up close to nature or just walking round places looking for something interesting to snap.

The most important value for me is that l am a photographer and not an "image maker". I use Lightroom in the same way as film photographers would use a darkroom. I do not swap out skies, delete unwanted people or "enhance" body shapes. I will not try to deceive my audience.

if you click on the Facebook logo on my home page you can find more regular postings and general snippets of wisdom from me. Also, there you can find other methods of contacting me. I will update the blog on this page as and when l feel the need to. Thanks for reading this.

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